Animals Down Under

At Animals Down Under, we don't just raise the bar in pet photography – we are literally turning it upside down! With our signature perspective from below, we capture your furry family in a way that's truly unique and breath-taking. But that's just the beginning.
Highly experienced and truly passionate about animals, we have a creative skillset that's unmatched in the industry. We'll work closely with you to understand your pet's unique personality and bring them to life in a way that's visually captivating and truly unforgettable!
And the end result? A stunning piece of art that will leave you breathless.
Our archival acrylic prints, metal prints, and boxed canvases are all of the highest quality, ensuring that your pet's portrait will be a luxurious addition to any home or office.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to turn your beloved pet into a true one-of-a-kind Masterpiece that will elevate your décor and start conversations.
Trust Animals Down Under to capture your, pet's unique personality and transform them into a work of art that you'll treasure for a lifetime. Join us at the show to take advantage of our exclusive ‘Show special’ and experience pet photography like never before!
Come and say hello at the Melbourne Home Show!

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