Architects Fulton + Salomon

ARCHITECTS FULTON + SALOMON is the lead architecture and interior architecture design team that has created a world first BUILDinBOXES low cost building system that is fire resistant and has very high insulation values. It is a steel and sandwich panel construction that can be used to build a house at any location by two unskilled persons (except for plumbing and electricals.) 2 Persons can lift every component so no expensive cranes will be needed. It is having its world first release at the Melbourne Home Show. Mecano Modular Homes will create a custom designed house for you using the BUILDinBOXES construction system. Homestead Transportable Homes will supply and install your custom architect designed but factory produced house to be located anywhere except in Western Australia and Northern Territory. Perfect for a location too far out of town for local builders! At the show, with the assistance of Architects Fulton+ Salomon, you can design and build a model of your own BUILDinBOXES new home! Ocean View Homes will head the construction teams of Mecano and Homestead as well as constructing high end homes and commercial developments in Victoria and especially in Geelong and Surf Coast Shire. Contact Architects Fulton + Salomon, Mecano and Homestead on 0438619424 Contact Ocean View Homes on 0488663160

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