Audio Trends

Audio Trends brings the experience of an actual movie theatre right into your own home. More than just a “family” or “media” room, each cinema combines the latest audio and video technology, to create the best and most exciting home entertainment experience possible! In addition to this, we offer custom seating, system automation and acoustic treatment to make the most of your new setup.

Seeing the stunning picture of a quality projector on a massive screen and feeling the thunderous rumble of on-screen effects, while watching the latest blockbuster film makes movie buffs want to run back for more! Once you experience watching your favourite movie on The Big Screen with fully immersive sound, you’ll never go back to the small screen again.

As true audio visual specialists with over 40 years of experience, Audio Trends have the knowledge and passion to understand your needs and guide you through the various home cinema alternatives. Naturally, we sell only the world’s best brands – brands that deliver the outstanding type of performance you need for stunning home cinema. We want your home cinema to “wow you” every time you turn it on, not just initially but many years into the future!

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