Aussie Hoses

Aussie Hoses is a reputable company based in Australia, specialising in providing exceptional watering solutions for both residential and commercial properties. They have gained an unparalleled reputation in the market for their superior quality products, along with their outstanding customer service.

Their product range primarily includes automatic hose reels, designed for the convenience and durability required by the Australian environment. The automatic hose reels are particularly notable for their self-retracting mechanism, providing a tangle-free solution that neatly coils the hose after use. They are known for their sturdiness and longevity, offering reliable performance even under harsh conditions.

Apart from their diverse product range, what makes Aussie Hoses stand out in the competitive market is their commitment to comprehensive service. They offer professional installation services, ensuring that their products are correctly fitted for optimal performance. Additionally, the company provides prompt and efficient repair services, addressing any issues their clients might face in using their products.

The company's main goal is to provide high-quality, hassle-free watering solutions to their customers. By focusing on both the durability of their products and the effectiveness of their services, Aussie Hoses continually delivers an exemplary customer experience.

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