Australian Gas Networks Limited

Australian Gas Networks (AGN) owns and operates natural gas distribution networks across Australia, including Victoria. At this year’s homeshow, we’re teaming up with appliance retailers to offer you advice on the best heating solutions for any size room, house or health condition and the perfect hot water system for absolute family comfort. Stop by to find out if natural gas is available to your property, learn about AGN’s natural gas appliance and connection rebates, find a local plumber, book a quote for gas installation or service work, or find out about AGN’s Hydrogen Park projects – blending renewable hydrogen made from water, sunshine and wind, to homes and businesses through our existing gas network.
Australian Gas Networks delivers natural gas to over 1.2 million Victoria homes and businesses from Donnybrook in the north, the Melbourne CBD and south-east as far as Bairnsdale. Natural gas provides significantly cheaper, cleaner energy than coal-based electricity, but we transitioning to Renewable Gases, such as hydrogen. We’re changing gas, for good.

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