Australian Institute of Building Biology

Connecting Australians to the world of Building Biology - let’s get serious about creating healthy homes naturally. Building Biology studies, the impact the man-made environment has upon the health & wellbeing of people & applies this knowledge to create healthier homes. Learn the design principles for creating healthy, sustainable & holistic building environments.

The Australian Institute of Building Biology is a not-for-profit association which is closely aligned with the IBN in Germany. The AIBB aims to encourage like-minded individuals to connect with each other through workshops & community events, offers online education which is recognised worldwide & assists the public with referrals to building biologists throughout Australia.

The award-winning certified Building Biology online course (from IBN) provides an educational opportunity for interdisciplinary study for the Australian environment. The course increases competence in the field of healthy, sustainable & holistic building practices & provides further education & new career opportunities for building professionals such as architects, designers, building material manufacturers, builders, health care professionals and homeowners. Ask about our online course, call on our Building Biologist services & sign up to our newsletter to receive discounts on our workshops & webinars. Visit our expo stand for EMF testing and demos.

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