CiiLOCK Engineering

Welcome to CiiLOCK Engineering, your premier destination for cutting-edge window and door hardware solutions. Steeped in the realms of design, prototyping, and manufacturing, we stand ready to assist you in materialising your vision. Our commitment to precision and customisation allows us to tailor applications to your unique requirements, catering to a wide array of purposes.

Explore our unwavering passion for innovative design and manufacturing excellence, with our range of meticulously crafted rollers, engineered and tested for extended life cycles, smoother rolling, and reduced operational force. Our dedication to quality ensures that these rollers offer unparalleled performance, significantly enhancing your window and door experience.

Discover the VOLTA – a revelation in power and convenience. Imagine harnessing unprecedented power at your fingertips. VOLTA offers a super quiet, automatic charging mechanism, accompanied by seamlessly smooth rolling.

Introducing Titan bifold hardware, a testament to unwavering precision. The TITAN excels in not only delivering exceptional aesthetics but also striking the perfect balance between robustness and everyday ease of use. These innovations stand as compelling reasons to pay us a visit at the show.

At CiiLOCK Engineering, we take pride in being the specialists who simplify your window and door solutions. Our dynamic team pushes the boundaries of design, providing limitless possibilities to cater to your exact needs.

We invite you to join us at our South-East Melbourne-based office in Hallam, or meet us at the show, where we are poised to meet and exceed your requirements. Embrace the future of window and door hardware solutions with CiiLOCK Engineering – where innovation, functionality, and design converge to shape your world.

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