Clickdeck- Modular Decking Systems

ClickDeck®, an innovative aluminium subfloor system, combines strength, innovation and longevity. The system has been designed to support a range of surfaces including composite boards, traditional timber and pavers. The ClickDeck® system can be installed on a range of surfaces such as pavers, concrete, tile and natural ground.
The system is highly versatile and can be used as a subfloor system in a range of other applications such as temporary flooring, shed subfloors, marquees and false floors. ClickDeck® aims to elevate and diversify current market options to provide a more cost effective and labour-saving alternative. ClickDeck® offers a cost and time effective alternative to both installers and the DIY market.

ClickDeck® offers customers:

- Instant quotation via the ClickDeck® deck builder app
- Estimating service
- Full design service
- In house engineering and construction drawings
- Fast manufacturing lead times
- Australia wide delivery

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