Cross Ray BBQs

The design challenge was to create something “NEW” in the BBQ market: redefining a BBQ to perform like cooking over a bed of red hot coals; providing even heat without flare-ups and to be a true multi-functional outdoor cooking appliance, that produces tastier and juicier food, and so easy.

This is achieved using patented infrared cooking technology and includes both gas and electric versions, in portable, in-built and outdoor kitchen options.For the Gas BBQ range, CROSSRAY uses angled side burners that are built into the BBQ. Cooking with infrared technology is different to cooking with traditional BBQ’s. It may take a few cooks to perfect it, but once you experience it, you will never go back.

The ability to cook at higher temperatures does not mean that you burn your food. CROSSRAY cooks evenly from inside out, while traditional BBQ’s tend to burn the outside of the food, while leaving the inside uncooked. As it cooks food more evenly, it does so much quicker, leading to a faster cook, and using significantly less gas and electricity.

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