For the Gas BBQ range, CROSSRAY uses angled side burners that are built into the BBQ. They are surface combustion ceramic burners located close to the grill, which enables a very high surface temperature to be achieved. Additionally, there are no large flames, which results in significantly less gas usage (up to 50% less). Also, the CROSSRAY burners provide complete and even coverage over the entire cooking surface, so you no longer need to worry about constantly moving the food around due to hot and cold spots. Please refer to the below heat maps for tested data. CROSSRAY gas BBQs are the only BBQ that can provide controllable, even heat from 140°C (4 burner models) to 350°C+, while using 50% less gas than a conventional BBQ. As it’s just like cooking over red hot coals, food cooks more evenly and stays moist and juicier.

For the Electric BBQ, these features are achieved using dual high-intensity infrared electric elements. These have a wound carbon-filament internal element and located close to the cooking surface for maximum output.

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