goSmart Lighting

goSmart Lighting is proud to introduce the most affordable Home Lighting Automation solution in Australia. The solution includes a range of energy efficient WiFi enabled LED Light fittings and other home Automation devices that gives you complete control of your home lighting and appliances without the need for additional wiring or complex programming. You can adjust your lighting from cool to warm and dim each light to your desired level. You will be amazed how affordable the goSmart Lighting solution is. Automate one room or the entire house, its so easy.

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Special - Save 10%

Save approx 10% off normal trade pricing for all orders placed at the 2019 Melbourne Home Show. See exhibit display for discounted pricing.

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  • $50 Deposit Paid

Special - Light Design

goSmart Lighting is offering a free Lighting Design service. Simply register at our stand and email plans to [email protected] May 2-5

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  • Up to one per person