Hiddenbed Australia

Hiddenbed - The unique fold away bed and desk system.
Hiddenbed stays cleverly hidden away during the day so most people never get to see it... until bedtime.
Release the safety catch and Hiddenbed glides into place. You don't need to remove anything from your desk. Perfect for small spaces, studies and guest rooms - because it doubles your space!

What is involved in transforming the desk to a bed, and how long does it take?
Hiddenbed is incredibly easy to operate. It only takes a few seconds.
- Simply unlock the balancing mechanism
- Pull down the desk while holding onto the full length handle
- Allow the bed to move into position
- To use the desk, just reverse the process

Because there is sufficient clearance under the bed, all the items on your desk can remain securely in place. Just leave your computer, monitor, keyboard etc. exactly where they are; no need to unplug them.
In a nutshell: you're buying space and flexibility! You actually create space because there's no need for a permanent bed, a fold-away bed, sofa bed or similar. At the same time you gain a fully functional desk and stylish built-in office furniture. And unlike other contraptions, you don't have to clear away anything, to make space for the bed.
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