Home is the place where you spend the most time, a place where you can feel safe, comfortable and at ease with your loved ones. At Interfree, our goal is to simplify and enhance everyday living at home, by enabling complete control and management of your premises, anytime, anywhere.

Our complete, all in one solution makes life easier by streamlining daily mundane tasks, enhances security to keep you protected, and helps to cut costs on your electricity bill. Remote app control ensures you always have access to your premises no matter where you are, giving you peace of mind that things are always running smoothly.

From lighting, heating and cooling, multimedia management, home security and more, our wide range of products covers all aspects of your home. Pair this with our Interfree app, so that you can control every single device and appliance in your premises from one easy to use platform. With Interfree's Smart Solution, the possibilities for your home are endless.

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