iRest has been in business since 2013 and we are the official distributor of iRest massage chairs in Australia and New Zealand. As a powerhouse brand, we have produced an extensive range and sold thousands of massage chairs while also striving to be the No. 1 Healthy Lifestyle Brand in Australia. We only sell original, high quality, innovative products that are loved by many. iRest pride themselves on being industry leaders offering an unbeatable service in the Australia & New Zealand market. Every product we deliver is beautifully designed, thought out and developed with the customer’s well-being and care in mind. Our chairs will add a luxurious touch to any space you place it in, they also provide complete relaxation, calmness and tranquillity to the otherwise ever changing fast paced world we now live in. You can easily experience luxury at home living with one of our iRest chairs. Transform your life and living space today!

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