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Living Fire is a leading Australian supplier of premium local and European fireplaces. With 60 years of industry experience, we are proud to be Melbourne’s trusted source of the world’s most advanced wood, gas, and electric designer fireplaces.

From our exquisite fireplaces to our customer journey, we offer a complete service for discerning customers who appreciate cutting-edge design and traditional one-on-one service. Our fireplaces are sculptural, elegant, and statement works of art to heat the home and warm the soul.

We work with architects, interior designers, developers, and home renovators alike to source the right type and model of fireplace to suit any space. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond with each customer, taking the time to review plans, discuss options, and make recommendations. Whether your new home has a contemporary or a period style, we’re sure to have a fireplace that will enhance your space. From period houses to contemporary apartments, and everything in between, our fireplaces can be installed to add to the ambiance of all homes.

From our showrooms in Swan Street, Richmond and Cochranes Road, Moorabbin we stock a wide variety of carefully selected fireplaces to suit every need.

The experience of sitting around a fireplace is one of comfort, ease, and pride; we want that experience to begin the moment you visit us at Living Fire.

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