Maestro Air Purification

The Maestro Air Purifier is your breath of fresh air. It quietly and effectively removes smoke, particulates, allergens, unpleasant odour and gases from your home so you can enjoy the sweet smell of purified air every moment of the day. Integral to the maestro Air Purifier is the ability to clean and replace the Combination Filter.

In fact, the maestro Air Purifier lets you know when the filter needs replacement via a visual notice on the control panel. Five stage filtration includes; Particulate, HEPA 13, Carbon, UVC and Ioniser. Air pollution level display for real time feedback on home air quality. Auto adjust technology which alters filtration speeds to meet demand. Turbo mode for accelerated removal of air quality threats. Sleep mode for pure air all night with no lights and virtually no noise. Compact and robust design for long life and ease of portability.

The Maestro Airpurifier is your Breath of Fresh AIR! Come and see for yourself at the Melbourne Home Show!

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