Max Slab

Australias ONLY Fully Insulated Concrete foundation

Don't waste your energy; build a healthy and more cost effective home.Fully Insulated MAXSlab® foundations are designed specifcally to increase the performance of your home from the foundation up.

There is no better way to start the construction the process.

Warm, Sustainable and Healthy Living

MAXSlab® foundations are designed to help you live in a home with greater levels of comfort, increased energy efficiency and health benefits for you and your family. For too long in Australia we have ignored the benefits of insulation within the residential building industry.

A MAXSlab® is like a bath tub of insulation that acts like a thermostat for your home, giving you a comfortable temperature all year round and saving you $$$ on energy bills.

Homes today need to have more than just an aesthetic pleasantness about them, they need to provide concrete benefits to you and your family.

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