Pet Doors Australia

We custom make Perspex pet doors to replace glass panes and solve challenging spaces such as French/colonial doors, or restricted openings. Perspex pet doors can also be placed in wooden doors, and walls with liner - not only in glass.

We also custom make doors for wider/larger pets that don’t fit our standard sizes e.g. Bulldogs, and larger breed dogs.

Our Underbelly Series pet door is exculsive to Pet Doors Australia - stronger, and more room down below for short-legs. Our Underbelly & standard glass fitting sizes are: Small, Medium, Intermediate, Large, Extra Large, Greyhound, Whippet, Hungarian Vizsla.

We also have an extensive range of quality pet doors that install into weatherboard and brick walls, timber doors, garage and security doors. Our wall liners are designed purpose fit for these installations and suit Cat Mate, Dog Mate and Petsafe/Staywell pet doors supplied by us (S, M, L, XL), you can 'do it yourself', or we can organise your installation.

We ship and service Australia-wide.

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