Pool Barrier Services

We have two services to enable a smooth compliance process.

They are our Pool and Spa Barrier Pre-Compliance Consultation Service and our Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance Service.

The inspection process is very complicated as we are working with up to four different Australian Standards that may apply to your Pool Barrier System depending when the Council determines the date of construction.

Our services are a two step process.

1. If you are confident that your pool or spa barrier system is complaint and will pass the inspection we can engage our qualified associate Building Inspector (Pool Safety) to conduct a compliance inspection.

Note: If the barrier system fails the inspection, under the requirements of the Victorian Building act, the inspector is required to issue an improvement notice allowing 7 to 60 days (depending on the severity of the breach) for all improvements to be acted on. Following will be re-inspection fees until the barrier is compliant.

2. If you are not sure that your barrier system is ready for a compliance certification our advise is that you engage one of our associate Pre-Compliance Consultants to visit and prepare our 12 Page report of any issues that may prevent a smooth compliance.

Note: All of our Associate Pre Compliance Consultants have completed the compliance course conducted by IRL Learning which is endorsed by the Victorian Building Authority and implemented by the Swimming Pool and Spa Association Australia (SPASA Australia).
Importantly: They are able to act as a consultant and are free to offer the most cost effective advise on the preferred solution to enable a smooth compliance of your pool or spa barrier system. They are not compelled to issue any infringement notices.

The Pre Compliance Service includes no limit to the number of visits by our associate Pre-Compliance Consultants and the licensed Swimming Pool and Spa Barrier Inspector if for some unforeseen reason the upgrades (if any) had not been repaired to the satisfaction of the Inspector.

OUR GUARANTEE: If our associate conducts a Pre-Compliance Consultation and the owners takes the advice on rectification works we will guarantee that if the Swimming Pool and Spa Inspector conducts a Compliance Inspection and it fails we will pay for any revisits required to get the barrier compliant. We also GUARANTEE that if a Pre-Compliance Consultation is conducted on a pool or spa constructed between 1950 and 2010 and the barrier system is fully compliant we will refund the Pre-Compliance Consultation fee.

If you are interested in our services and require more information feel free to contact us on [email protected]

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