Powerpal is a free energy monitor which is attached to your smart meter and gives you real-time access to your household energy consumption via an easy-to-use app which allows you to identify power-hogs and inefficient appliances. There are over 140,000 Australians who are already using it to reduce their carbon footprint and slash their electricity bills, with users reporting savings of up to 15%. To date, Powerpal has saved Australians approximately $12,000,000 on their energy bills and 37,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. Powerpal has thousands of 5-star reviews and is backed by the Victorian Government's Energy Upgrade program. All you have to do to receive a free Powerpal energy monitor is register to have one installed on the Powerpal website. Within a few weeks, Powerpal will contact you to make an appointment for one of their installers to come around and install the Powerpal and set-up the app on your smart phone or tablet. Take control of your energy with Powerpal today.

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