Sproutwell Greenhouses & Cedar Hot Tubs Australia

Nursery Greenhouses are made From 4mm Polycarbonate Panels Our Easy To Assemble Space Saver & Nursery Greenhouses Will Keep Your Herbs, Cuttings & Vegetables Protected all year round. They are also very useful for hardening-off seedlings that were started in a greenhouse.This hardening-off period is essential as seedlings can suffer serious setbacks if moved directly from a warm environment and the protection of a greenhouse into the outdoor garden. Our models are available in Powder Coated Green or Anodized Silver and can be anchored to the ground using anchor pegs or bolted directly onto concrete or decking.

Our Hobby Range of greenhouses are by far the most superior on the market when it comes to a 'traditional greenhouse design'. Perfectly suited to the budget conscience hobbyist gardener. This style has been designed with our superior 'Slide & Lock' assembly system complete with 6mm panels and 14mm deep channel. No need for messy silicon, clips, rubber or PVC strips, we have designed the perfect greenhouse with longevity in mind.

Our Premium Greenhouses are designed to appeal to the professional gardener or for those wanting an outdoor structure that can also be used as an outdoor room. Our NEW and exclusive side-by-side option of joining these Greenhouses together also provide unlimited width!

Our Grange Series is Australia's first proven commercial grade Greenhouse (been in the market for over 3yrs) and is widely being used in both the residential and commercial agricultural industry. This range of Greenhouses cannot be compared to any other 10mm product on the market. The Sproutwell® Grange Series uses our Easy Aluminum Connectors and Smart Slide-in Assembly System which has been designed to reduce the assembly time by up to 70% compared to other greenhouse structures (uses 300+ less nuts & bolts than the traditional style Greenhouse). Another attractive feature is the profiles which are made from box section aluminium opposed to the conventional T or H frame seen in traditional off the shelf/budget Greenhouse structures.

Sproutwell® offers two very distinct ranges of Glasshouses- Premium(Imperial) and Elite (Regalia Glasshouse). Both ranges have been engineered to hold the weight of Glass. Sproutwell's are made to last, look great and is a fantastic investment - one that will add value to any Australian backyard! Complete with 4mm toughened AS/NZS2208 Safety Glass puts these ranges in a class of its own! Over the years Sproutwell have often been asked to custom make/design structures to go over pools and spas or source products to be able to complete an outdoor entertaining space for our customers. Due the increase in interest and the fact that Glasshouses are now being used for more than just growing we decided in 2017 to launch a new arm of Sproutwell known as 'Cedar Hot Tubs Australia'.Bringing these two awesome products together has enabled us to offer the market a great option for the outdoor living space.

Our very popular Self-Watering Pots have been developed in Australia, GreenSmart® was born out of a growing need to combat the rising cost of living, ever tightening water restrictions and availability of healthy, fresh organic food. An Easy Solution To Keeping Your Plants Watered...Less Time...Larger Yield

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