Stratco VIC

With over 70 years' experience in the building and home renovation markets Stratco has become one of the largest producers and marketers of quality building and home improvement products in Australia. Stratco has state of the art manufacturing facilities in all mainland states of Australia.

Stratco's product range is wide and in Victoria our focus is on home renovations and maximizing your outdoor space. Open your home to the outside and create a patio space that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Under a Stratco Outback Patio you are protected from the elements, expanding your possibilities for entertaining, storage or enjoying your garden.

Design freedom is central to the versatile Stratco Outback. Your Stratco Outback is custom designed and made for your exact requirements. You can choose from flat, gable, curved or opening roof, in either attached or freestanding. Or you can choose a combination of styles in a wide range of colours to suit your home, budget and lifestyle.

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