The Turf Doctor Pty Ltd

The Turf Doctor is Australia’s foremost company offering Pet Owners solutions for keeping pets in a safe, healthy and odour free environment. Being pet owners ourselves, we understand the issues faced by keeping pets at home.

Keeping pets can lead to issues with urine odour. Our smellBgone range of non-toxic, biodegradable urine odour and stain removal products provide fast, permanent and safe solutions to smelly pet problems. Ideal for not only Synthetic Grass Surfaces but also carpet, paving, tiles almost anywhere you have a pet stain or odour issue.

Removes stains and odours caused by dogs, cats and humans
Eliminates stains and odours caused by urine, faeces and vomit
Uses plant enzymes to penetrate uric crystals to remove odour
50% more concentrated than other brands
Certified organic – no harsh chemicals or palm oil
Vegan friendly, PH neutral, biodegradable, soap free and septic safe
Chlorine and ammonia free

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