Theatre at Home

The Theatre at Home Concept has been designed and engineered in Australia by the team behind Life Style Store, one of Australia’s leading home theatre and home automation providers.

Life Style Store has over 50 full-time staff and 20 years of trading experience working with the World’s finest entertainment brands delivering home theatre systems.
The insights and knowledge gained from delivering these systems lead to the development of the Theatre at Home Concept, a system that makes the true home theatre experience easily accessible to everyone in a simple, cost effective and all inclusive package.

Theatre at Home is currently launching showrooms in home maker centres in the major capital and regional markets throughout Australia and will also be exhibiting at the Home Shows in NSW, VIC, QLD and SA in 2022. Each of the stores and the home show stands will enable you to experience home theatre in a way that you never have before.

Once you experience Theatre at Home your TV, gaming and movie viewing will never be the same again…

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