Zero Living

Imagine a battery-powered house that never - repeat never- attracts an energy bill.
Now picture a dwelling that returns power to the local electricity grid, and never suffers blackouts or brownouts. And think of a space that gives you perfect heating and cooling at a fraction of the energy consumption of conventional housing.

Science fiction? Anything but. We call it ZERO Living.

As founders of ZERO Living, we've worked for 20 years to perfect the concept. It's already proving itself right here in Australia. And you don't have to take our word for it. Here is what Swinburne University of Technology, our partners in our Living Laboratories Project, have to say:

'This model is a world first and we're thrilled to act as scientific partners to monitor continuing performance throughout the life of the dwellings. There is no question this is the future of sustainable housing.' Dr. Morshed Alam, Project Supervisor.

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