Masterful Pieces of Modern-Day Styles: 5 Contemporary Rug Designs

Rug trends have come a long way from durable and functional to fashionable and luxurious. Given the variety available in modern rugs, there is something to suit every taste and style. The choice in rugs is no longer limited to basic earthy tones and simple floral patterns. Several textures and prints are available in contemporary rugs to match with textured wall finishes, high-tech furniture, and lavish flooring styles. Unlike plain designs of the past, modern-day rug designs feature bolder colours, raised patterns, vibrant designs, sculpted textures, and varying pile height to give your interior a distinct style and fashionable appeal. The latest rug designs have changed public perception towards home furnishing. Rugs are no longer a simple floor covering that protects the floor and defines a space. Contemporary rugs have become the design focus of high-end homes. Drawing inspiration from stylish home decors and modern design concepts, here are 5 fantastic rug styles to give your home a dramatic makeover.

Layers and Textures

A major change in modern rugs is visible in the use of layers and textures. Texture is an effective design tool which can make a room look warmer and inviting when contrasted with the colour scheme and furniture. Layered rugs allow you to play with colour contrast to create different textures that are juxtaposed to bring out the stark contrast. You can now achieve an enviable staged look with a Moroccan diamond. The chic colour palette, regal aura, and soft texture of this gorgeous looking rug is sure to force you to look at the floor.

Floor Patterns

Functional pieces that can be placed together to create a spectacular design. Use these rugs to unify a space or create a personalised accent arena with their chic colour palettes. Tile rugs look totally different from conventional area rugs and are a great way to achieve a completely distinct appeal in home decor. Use a combination of silver, grey, and charcoal rugs against plush blue walls to create a mesmerising beach look.

Shag Rugs

Simply irresistible with their fleecy texture and toe sinking softness. They effortlessly pair a plush texture with an exceptionally rich feel. Bring home a statement piece with a shag rug that works equally well in a traditional decor as it does in a contemporary interior.

Beaded and Braided

A collection that is a truly modern take on age-old weaving techniques. Dimension, depth, drama, and dazzle – all packed in a single rug style that is strikingly beautiful and vivacious. Whether traditional or unconventional, stripes lend a playful edge to any setting. They promote order, look great with solid natural colours, and are easy to incorporate with any theme of contemporary modern interiors.

Traditional Rugs

The new trend setters in the market. They are opulent, feature intricate designs, and are available in an impressive colour play to fuse with every kind of interior style. Bring home the bare feet comfort of imperial hand-knotted rugs that feature classy designs. Hand-knotted oriental rugs are a prudent investment that will adorn your interior for years to come. They are superior in quality and distinct in appeal. The variety available in these designer rugs allow you to pick your desired design, motif, and colour to perfectly match your stylish space. Go with the famous red and black Persian Bhakhtiyari design for a regal touch or keep it classy and suave with the typical gold and rust Turkish Oushak design.