Latest Backyard Trends of 2023

Backyard Trends are always changing. Browse our top 10 Backyard Living Trends of 2023 below to get inspiration, ideas and elevate your home going into the new year!

Gardening Spaces to Improve Mental Health:

Recent studies have revealed that gardening can be a real lifeline for mental health, inspiring hope in people and providing the perfect escape to relax. With backyard designs becoming increasingly popular during the pandemic, homeowners are now leveraging their creativity even more – transforming outdoor spaces into havens of delight! Gardening has been proven to reduce levels of stress while allowing individuals to reap the rewards of an uplifting sense accomplishment.


Climate Consideration:

Homeowners all across the world are rethinking traditional lawn solutions due to climate change and other environmental issues. If you’re tired of dealing with pesky pests, maintenance demands and tedious weeding, why not adopt a new approach? Trade in your usual grass for native varieties like blue star creeper or oregano grass – they require much less work but still look stunning! Check out even more alternatives here.


Conversation Pits:

Transform your space into an outdoor oasis with the trendiest seating around! Stadium-style furniture is offering a cozy, informal look for small balconies and patios. Enjoy maximum comfort without any of the design fuss – plus you can create tailored spaces to host gatherings in style.


Stone Pathways:

Invest in natural stone walkways for a sustainable, picturesque cottage charm! Get creative with granite limestone sandstone or porcelain – try textured and brushed stones to give the perfect blend of eye-catching aesthetics & low maintenance living. Broken pieces are trending so why not go bold? Asymmetrical slabs & boulders provide an interesting look that’ll have you counting your lucky stars when it’s all said and done–you’re sure to fall head over heels with this one!


Terra Cotta:

Get ready to make your backyard an oasis! The Garden Media Group has just announced that terra cotta is the must-have colour of 2023. With its red clay planters and stunning Mediterranean vibes, this earthy hue will bring a touch of exoticism into our outdoor spaces – so get set for a truly remarkable transformation in your own garden!


Edible Gardens:

Transform your backyard into a lush garden-of-eden! Plant edible and pollinator friendly plants, plus organic materials for soil health – this will form the perfect habitat to attract birds all year long. Get ready to embark on an exciting gardening journey like no other – you’ll be thankful you did!

Victorian Style:

Transform your outdoor space into a beautiful English cottage garden with the Bridgerton-inspired New Victorian style! Delight in fragrant blooms such as roses, lilacs and hydrangeas accompanied by romantic elements like white fences or birdbaths – all designed to create an enchanting oasis. For that extra special touch, choose Eau de Parfum Bubbly Fragra for its captivating scent – you’ll be delighted by how these simple additions elevate any space!