Being sustainable with the Home Show

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The Home Show and Sustainability

There are many redeeming qualities a business needs to succeed, but one that is arguably the most important is sustainability. If a business is not doing their part to be environmentally conscious, they aren’t performing their due diligence to the planet that houses them. That is why the Home Show is passionate about sustainability. As a nationwide brand we are taking steps to become a greener company.

The greener the partnership, the better

The Home Show takes pride in hosting our event at the MCEC. Between reducing carbon emissions and the amount of energy they use, to growing their food on site, they are a leading sustainable event destination.

The Home Show Sustainability visit GoodWe

Look at a screen to save a tree

In order to actively reduce our impact we are turning away from printers and towards screens – moving our Buyer’s Guide to a digital format. What used to be printed en masse is now accessible via a simple download to be viewed across a range of devices. Staying with this digital trend, we will soon be introducing digital signage to further cut back on printing.

Sustainability in community

The Home Show have been lucky to work with many brands that are championing sustainability: GoodWe, Solar VIC, Thermotek, Ecostar Double Glazing, Sanden International, Nectr, SP Shutters and Doors, Elsewhere Pod, Wiseliving, Green Life Windows and Doors

This year we are nurturing a partnership with Solar VIC, who provide education on the benefits of switching to solar and providing guidance on how to make the switch.

On the sustainable path

These are just some of the ways in which the Home Show are evolving as a company to be more sustainable. Of course, there is always room to be greener and the Home Show is always ready to learn and do what needs to be done.

Sustainability talk with GoodWe and The Home Show