Creating an Energy-Efficient, Comfortable Home – Weather Proofing

Creating a home that is efficient, affordable to run and comfortable year-round is easier than you think. By focusing on key areas of your home, you can make vast improvements in your home’s efficiency, without it costing a fortune.

Ensuring your home is well-sealed is an important first step to creating an energy-efficient home. In this article, we bring you the success story of one of the many residents the Australian Energy Foundation has worked with in helping them create an energy-efficient and comfortable home.

Living in a hundred-year-old home in North Melbourne, David Gordon and his partner were keen to improve the thermal comfort of their home as well as keep their heating and cooling costs down.


How David went about it

David decided to investigate weather proofing and requested a weather proofing and insulation audit from the Australian Energy Foundation.

The audit identified many areas for improvement. The insulation was deemed to be sufficient, so rather than topping it up, weather proofing offered more immediate results for a smaller outlay.

David decided to employ the supplier to install the weather proofing, as he thought the cost was fair and this was the most convenient way to implement the recommendations.

“We did the DIY weather proofing on a lot of the doors and windows before but that doesn’t last – after a year it condenses down or peels off,” said David.

The supplier installed weather proofing around the front door, the window above the front door, all sash windows in the three bedrooms, the door separating an extension from the original part of the home, a toilet, and the original wall vents in rooms on external walls.


David and his partner have noticed that the home is much warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The house used to feel quite breezy, which is no longer the case. They’ve even noticed that the house is now quieter at night.

David was so happy with the result that he has already recommended it to other people, including his Mum.

“I’m thrilled we got it done. The installer gave great tips to ensure the works were safe – such as not sealing a room with a gas heater. They also made it look great. We were concerned they would block the ornamental vents but instead they filled them with transparent filler to retain the look, which was important to us.”

David Gordon, Brunswick, Melbourne


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