7 Interiors Trends You Can’t Go Past in 2017


With the 2017 Pantone colour named as the zesty yellow-green shade known as ‘Greenery’, interiors trends will be making a move away from the soft, dulcet tones of Rose Quartz in a bold new direction. Integrating this stand out colour into the home may seem daunting, but brilliant results can be achieved with a less is more approach. Patterned wallpaper, throw cushions, pot plants or an upholstered armchair are easy ways to integrate this trend into the home.

Dark Wood

Partiality in previous years has swayed significantly towards lighter wood hues, however 2017 will see the return of dark tones to the home, during both renovations and new builds. Wooden flooring in particular will see a swing towards dark stains, such as black oak. Hardwood parquetry is a particularly luxurious way to bring this incorporate this look seamlessly into the home, and is sure to enhance the everlasting trend of a monochromatic home palette.

Gold Fixtures

As minimalism was the inclination in 2016, luxe and indulgent details will be the new go-to in 2017. The return to prominence of Art Deco influence will see a re-emergence of gold fixtures, particularly in the bathroom. Gold tapware paired with marble vanities and a Carrera fish-scale feature tile will give any bathroom a point of different and a splash of elegance.

Wall & Ceiling Mouldings

Think arches, panelling, pillars and cornices. 2016 saw the rise of the beachy vertical floor to ceiling cladding, but 2017 will take it to a new, lavish level of detail. A half wall of squared cladding down a wide hallway will do wonders in enhancing first impressions of the home and can be achieved using either wood or plaster. If you’re feeling particularly bold, pair white cladding with a dark contrasting paint colour on the top half of the wall for a contrasted, dramatic effect.

Jewel Tones

Rich emeralds and almost-black blues will be the paint colours to beat in 2017. A wonderfully dramatic choice for wall colour, the darker these hues can be pushed, the better. These jewel tones will continue to be prominent across soft-furnishings also, with velvet the texture of choice.


In 2017 cool, neutral tones will be replaced by warm materials and textures, such as terracotta. An excellent alternative in the bathroom, terracotta has come a long way since the 80’s. Now produced in exciting shapes and colours, terracotta tiling with a matte finish will surprise you in 2017. Pair a few different pastel toned hexagon tiles with the standard terracotta hue to create a colourful patchwork floor in your bathroom.


The brighter and more outlandish the better when considering wallpaper in 2017. If you’re feeling brave, opt for a pattern starring the vivid Pantone Colour of the Year, Greenery. If a full wall is feeling a little overwhelming, elect instead for a framed feature panel in the space of artwork.