Enhance your Alfresco with a Wood Fire Pizza Oven

Jalando Wood Fired Pizza Ovens sat down to talk to acclaimed real estate agent, Jodie Burley, from the multi-award winning Buxton Group, to give us some insights into what makes a great alfresco area and how to best enhance your space with a traditional wood fire pizza oven.

Having an outdoor living space can increase the market value of your home. Adding an outdoor pizza oven will help not only add monetary value to your home, but can also be a huge interest to prospective buyers when the time comes to sell your home. An outdoor pizza oven will only make your return on investment better.

Another unique benefit of adding a pizza oven to your outdoor alfresco area is the memories it creates. It allows for throwing impromptu parties, large gatherings and celebrating milestones. People are always intrigued by ovens, fire and homemade pizza. The memories you’ll get out of your pizza oven are lasting.

Enjoying a range of different cuisines, along with different and fun cooking styles, outdoors with friends and family is a great Australian pastime. What better way to enhance this experience than with your own Italian inspired, Australian designed pizza oven!

Pizza ovens are a staple for the food enthusiast. Between their uniquely smoky infusion and crunchy texture, pizza ovens are hard to resist! Pizza ovens don’t just cook pizza; they can cook countless dishes.

Which pizza oven is best for your backyard and alfresco area? Here are a few questions to consider:

⁃ will your oven be indoors, outdoors or undercover?

⁃ how many people at one time do you want cook for?

⁃ would you rather build it yourself or buy it already built?

⁃ how much space is available?

Suzanne Lee, from Jalando Pizza Oven is well known in the industry, her impeccable design style delivers modern and attractive pizza ovens. Suzanne and her passionate staff can spend time to provide you advice on the perfect pizza oven for you, your home and your family.

The most popular and versatile JA70 Crema Jalando Pizza Oven has been featured in a multimillion development in Regional Victoria. Project Now, winners of the 2021 Design Matters award, are famous for their modern building designs and have cemented themselves as industry leaders. In conjunction with Chris Mann Building, who has vast experience in building modern contemporary works of art, they have delivered an Alfresco area to surely be the envy of all.