European Kitchen Design trends in Australia

Current kitchen design trends reflect elements of our natural environment. Verging on being an art form within itself, contemporary design combines traditional with that of the past. And all this is realised within today’s digital technologies. The popularity of eco-trends is enhanced by the beauty of raw, natural textures; bright textures within a monotone interior or the quietness of minimalism. Limitations in design possibility – there are none! Today, possibilities in design and finishes are endless! Current design trends in kitchens and home living are on the precipice of understanding who we are and where we are moving.

The current strength in design is the combination of two seemingly opposite forces – the ornamental and geometric. The focus is being given to the structural: the sheen of the surface as juxtaposed with the brightness of metal finishes, an exotic veneer or modern technological materials, produced using nanotechnology. Colour trends – the use of bright colours are utilised as an emphasis, a feature within itself.

Beautifully designed kitchens are only the beginning! Functionality and reliability can only be achieved when using high-quality materials in its construction. The key elements of any kitchen are:

♦︎ Premium design elements

♦︎ The highest quality materials for kitchen finishes being facades and interiors

♦︎ Reliable accessories for closing mechanisms

♦︎ The material of the bench tops

A number of new trends have emerged within the European market and are now available in Australia. The facades offered by ALVIC offer the superior features of the latest technology – these matte processed panels have a silky, sensual touch, combined with the most amazing technological offering. Panels are available in Supermatt and Metaldecó, as well as a wide choice of colours and fashionable designs. ALVIC facades are highly resistant to scratches, abrasion and stains, therefore providing easy cleaning and durability.

FENIX NTM is another new, innovative material now available in Australia, designed by the Italian company Arpa Industria. With the development of nano-technology, utilising new generation resin for the formation of a superior surface material, FENIX NTM facades within the kitchen, and throughout the home, offers extraordinary design elements. It does not leave fingerprints, it is resistant to household chemicals, it is hygienic, it is resistant to scratches and scuffs, scratches are simply ironed out, it is surface is harder than the usual acrylic cover or paints and is available in either matte or gloss finish.

Design and functionality of kitchens are paramount to creating a comfortable home. Today’s technologies are allowing us to achieve this and more! You can create a truly unique kitchen for your family which is stunning in design, on-trend in colour and finish, low maintenance, with quality accessories and capture all the latest innovations available in Europe, here in Australia.