5 fireplace tips

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We are seeing a decline in mantel pieces, TVs above the fireplace and stack stone walls. Clients are now interested in sleek, minimalistic elongated  fires with slimline trims and floating concrete or stone hearths. Our panoramic inbuilt, freestanding and suspended fireplaces appeal to a wide range of design aesthetics, with a look that suits the trending urban industrial style that is in this season.

Top tips 

1)  Always use dry hard wood as fuel, as it burns cleaner and for longer, make sure its dry with a moisture content below 20%. Don’t use treated wood or pine as they burn quicker and with more emissions.

2) To easily clean the glass on your wood heater dab some newspaper in cold water, then work using a circular motion, dab it in the ash around the glass until clean. It works a treat!

3) Don’t compromise the look you love because of price, its in your house forever. A fireplace is a permanent fixture and you need to be happy with the look and feel of it in the space first and foremost.

4) Between March and April is the best time of year to buy a fireplace, allowing your installation to be executed just in time for those cold winter nights. 

5) If you are looking for that custom design exclusive fireplace you may have to allow for overseas orders, so investigate early for those well planned builds or renovations.