The Freestanding Bath: Create Your Own Luxury

The words “luxurious spaces” evoke visions of a freestanding bath overlooking a large city, textured materials and feature pieces that sparkle. A bathroom is a personal escape and should be treated as a space in which to indulge. It’s all about large windows, big views and designer tapware to make a statement. However, a freestanding bath is what instantly creates a luxurious feel. Your bathroom space is not only a place to clean and rejuvenate yourself, but is a space to create your own kind of luxurious.

Renovating your bathroom and not sure whether to invest in a freestanding bath or a built in bath? Here are some design tips to follow to help you create a luxurious haven.


When renovating your bathroom it is important to consider the space available. – this is crucial when creating the ideal relaxed atmosphere. You don’t want to create a tight space by squeezing a freestanding bath in too tightly, limiting your relaxing space. Additionally, a freestanding bath is a statement and therefore should be given the space to enhance the room as a whole.


There are many freestanding bath styles in all shapes, sizes and colours. Inspired by a classic look? Try combining your freestanding bath with profile doors and feature tapware. These elements can be recreated within a modern bathroom design. If you are looking to achieve that luxurious New York style for example, a freestanding bath with a black exterior will create this unique atmosphere. Conversely, a natural look can be achieved through an all­white bath surrounded by elements such as marble and natural timber.


Freestanding baths also create that natural holistic feeling as if you could be outside soaking in a natural hot spring. Why not create that feeling and bring those elements into your bathroom design? Enhance your bathroom’s exposure to natural light and let nature into your bathroom space to heighten the relaxation when soaking in the bath. Choosing the right surface material is key as there are many different surface options available. All have their own benefits, so make sure you do your research and choose the best material for you. The look and feel of these materials can play a part when determining your choice. Another surface consideration is natural materials such as marble, granite, glass, copper and wood. Though natural surface materials often can involve a high level of maintenance, if that dramatic key feature bathtub makes a statement it can add great value to your bathroom.

To create that luxurious feeling flowing through your bathroom design it can be complementary to have similar shaped basins alongside your free standing bath to create consistency within the room.

Feature tap ware:

Try adding personality into the room. Instead of stainless steel try a gold, rose gold or black statement tap that will draw your eye into the bathroom.


Adding your personal luxurious touch can be achieved by including a bath tray to sit on top of your freestanding bath. This will create a more luxurious feel (it is a great spot for candles) as well as a great storage option for your magazines or books while relaxing in the bath.

There are so many ways to create your own luxurious bathroom space. Remember to make it your own special relaxing space that can be used for your own time.

There is nothing like coming home from a long day and feeling completely centered and relaxed in your own space, soaking while your senses engage in your surrounds.