How to Maximise Small Spaces

Even the most compact areas in your home have the ability to be transformed into something bold and beautiful.

The key to maximising your interior space lies in striking the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. If you are looking to capitalise on your modest apartment, here are a number of tips to ensure you can live large in small apartment spaces.

Clever Storage Solutions

When you’re faced with working limited space in your apartment – organisation really is the key. To declutter your home and maximise floor space, some experts suggest moving your dresser inside your wardrobe.

This approach ensures that the unused space inside the wardrobe is utilised, and that you can now create a study zone in the area where the dresser use to be.

In the kitchen area, vertical organisation offers a versatile storage approach to maximising storage and arranging a compact area. Make use of stackable baskets to store kitchen items and to reduce clutter on your kitchen benches.

We also recommend optimising space by investing in smaller home appliances. Innovation in small living solutions also allows for kitchen appliances with a dual purpose, such as an oven that is also a dishwasher

Using wall storage space is another great space saving hack. By installing floating shelves to store photo frames, artwork and even books, you save on using limited floor space while also adding visual appeal to your walls.

Less is Always More

When it comes to interior styling in smaller spaces – less is always more. When putting together a room in your apartment, it is worthwhile considering the selection of a bold statement piece as a focal point. Choosing a statement piece makes great design sense, and delivers more impact than a selection of smaller, scattered accessories.

When styling a room in your apartment, group accessories or decorative items in groups of three or five, and encourages working with objects in varying colours, shapes, heights and textures for added appeal. Clustering objects of different heights together adds depth to your interior while also creating an engaging visual element.

Don’t Forget The Greenery

Greenery is an underrated feature in most apartment spaces. Evoking a sense of calm and relaxation.

Ferns, cacti and artificial plants have the ability to add a welcome dash of colour to your rooms. Plants are particularly useful when it comes to creating focal points in your rooms. If you’re looking to maximise space in a visual sense, use the approach of purchasing one large focal point plant.

Another winning technique for integrating greenery and saving on floor space is to utilise hanging baskets for your plants.

Create the Illusion of Space

Mirrors are perfect for apartment decorating as they make any space look bigger due to their ability to reflect light throughout a room. Choosing the perfect mirror for your space may seem tricky, but knowing its purpose will help you with your choice. Bedrooms.

As a rule of Feng Shui, mirrors in the bedroom are a no-no, it’s believed that mirrors in the bedroom portray the Feng Shui element of water, which brings sorrow.

Something I’m sure most of us want to avoid. To make a statement and create a positive Feng Shui mirror can complement a wide range of areas in your apartment including Kitchens. Mirrored splashbacks can be a clever way of incorporating a mirror into the room. It doesn’t have to be your standard mirror, look into smoked mirrors, they look fantastic and can really enhance the kitchen by adding space.

A far as décor accents go, mirrors are right up there. With so many shapes, finishes and sizes on the market, there’s a mirror out there for every room. You really can’t go wrong.

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