Indoor Mould? Protect Yourself This Winter

Winter is nearly here! While we’re snuggling on the couch or cooking a delicious winter meal, mould may be cozying up inside our homes. Exposure to mould, either inside or outside our homes can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms.

‘Mould is often found in damp areas or where there is limited air circulation,’says Adele Taylor, Program Manager, Sensitive Choice® at the National Asthma Council.  ‘Fridges, walk-in and built-in wardrobes, and bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms are the biggest hot spots.’

Follow these tips and ban mould from your home!

•       Clean with naturally fermented white vinegar solution to remove visible mould

•       Remove and discard porous surfaces containing invisible mould

•       Use high-efficiency air filters – your air-conditioning, heat-recovery ventilation system, or a stand-alone air purifier may already have one

•       Open windows and doors for natural ventilation and use extractor fans

•       Seal leaks in bathrooms and roofs

•       Clear overflowing gutters and blocked underfloor vents

•       Remove indoor pot plants as they promote mould growth

•       Dry or remove wet carpets

•       Treat rising damp as soon as it’s detected

•       Avoid using organic mulches and compost heaps

Even if you find that you’re sneezing and wheezing less after taking care of the mould in your home, it’s still vital that you continue to use your asthma and/or allergy medication. It covers you if you come across other allergic triggers at home or when you’re out.

What else can I do to reduce asthma and allergy triggers in the home?

‘The Sensitive Choice® program identifies asthma and allergy aware products that may reduce triggers and reactions in day-to-day life,’ says Adele.

‘So, next time you go shopping, look for the reassuring blue butterfly on everything from bedding to cleaning products, vacuum cleaners to paint and much more.’

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