Latest Home Trends of 2023

Home Trends are always changing. Browse our top 10 Latest Home Trends of 2023 below to get inspiration, ideas and elevate your home going into the new year!

Patterns and Tactile Textures:

Get ready for a wild ride into interior design heaven! The home décor trends of 2023 are totally unique and will have your space looking like it stepped off the pages of an ultra-glam magazine. Think beyond bland walls with bold patterns, textured canvas prints & vibrant rugs to bring life to each room. From earthy tones inspired by nature or graphic pieces popping up in unexpected places such as furniture and wallpapers, there’s something out there that perfectly captures all aspects of you! Start customising now: let your individual style shine through every corner – personalised perfection awaits…


Bold and Bright Outdoor Designs:

Upgrade your outdoor space this year with captivating colour! Add a sophisticated touch of dusty pink in the form of lounge chairs or add an extra zing to beach-style decor by incorporating sky blue dining sets. Take it up another notch with eye-catching, Moroccan inspired patterned tiles for classic elegance or adventurous flair and layer on vibrant hues like terracotta tones and Mediterranean vibes for maximum drama effect – from sprawling patios to cozy alcoves alike.

Accent Lighting:

2023 is here and making a bold statement with new, colourful lighting designs! Step into the past or let your inner artist shine – glass pendants from 2022 have been joined by vibrant mushroom lamps that are sure to turn heads. Ian Cameron of Cameron Design House confirms this resurgence in decorative accent lighting; “The trendscape for 2023 will be louder than ever!” Let’s make it official: grab some nostalgic lamp-shades or embrace modernity through swaths of colour – one thing’s certain, there has never been a better year to light up our lives!

Multifunctional spare rooms:

The trend of working from home is here to stay, and the multi-functional spare bedroom could be just what you need! With searches for ‘home office with sofa bed’ up 70% since last year it’s clear that having both work & leisure in one space can be stylishly achieved. Dressing tables as desks featuring pocket doors are a great way to switch between workspace & living room without compromising your style – giving life back into those often forgotten about spaces.

Sustainable Design:

Homeowners are jumping on board with sustainability – transforming their homes into tranquil green havens fit for the eco-conscious lifestyle. Solar panels, energy efficient appliances and greywater recycling systems make up this modern oasis of comfort so you can relax knowing your home is doing its part to help save our planet!

Global Influences:

Ready to give your home an exclusive touch of wanderlust? We’ve got the perfect solution! With our stylish, globetrotting design materials and décor, you can bring incredible international intrigue right into your own space. Whether it’s bright Moroccan tiles or classic Indian textiles – transforming a room has never been so easy (or fun!). Don’t miss out on this opportunity for a unique adventure without having to leave the comfort of your own house.

Home Decor Pieces:

Forget mass production – interior design is all about going on an exciting adventure to find one-of-a kind pieces! Home decor enthusiasts are embracing artisanally crafted objects with beautiful finishes, injecting their homes with meaningful memories and creating artful layers of imperfect beauty. It’s a revolution according to industry experts Ty and Verity Kizek (founder of homewares brand Saardé), so let your journey begin!


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