Rammed Earth

What is rammed earth?

Used as an eye catching architectural or interior feature rammed earth expresses the rawness of natural earth formed to create a wall.

Like a finger print the layered method of construction creates unique veins and the interaction between the materials used to create the earth wall make each one individual.

Why use it?

Rammed earth walls can utilise soil from the building site or soil can be imported allowing designers to select the coloration that matches the desired colour palette. Mixed in with the earth are a number of elements including cement which can influence the look and colour of the earth wall allowing a more greyed effect.

Rammed earth like many high-volume materials can act as a thermal bank in a building allowing its mass to absorb heat and slowly release the warmth over time, in contrast in the warmer months the mass of the wall if used internally can act as a significant barrier for heat transfer from outside in.

These walls can make for a unique and amazing design feature yet it can also provide pragmatic value in the function of a building.