Reinventing the Weatherboard Home

There is an ever-increasing desire among modern homeowners to use a weatherboard façade, however, the constant maintenance is unappealing to today’s homemakers as we get caught up with daily time constraints and the desire to spend more time with the family.

Modern times call for modern solutions, and maintenance free weatherboards can answer your need for low maintenance product while providing the aesthetic look of a traditional weatherboard home you desire.

Australian made uPVC weatherboards are tested to withstand our weather conditions and guaranteed for 50 years. They can be installed directly over the existing home creating an insulating new façade that will never need painting and won’t rot, chip or peel. This is extremely appealing to upper storey extensions as scaffolding costs become prohibitive. Do it Once Do it right.

For new builds, we recommend using the 6mm thicker lightweight board being installed straight onto studs over sizalation and flashing with the studs spaced at 450mm centres.

uPVC is the perfect lightweight building material which will assist the load bearing on the new construction which all counts when you’re costing out your project.

You should be considering the level of thermal comfort and looking for a durable and long-lasting product to use. Many uPVC boards come with an eps foam insulating layer.

It’s also the easiest and most economical method to give your existing home a facelift or if you need to dress it up for resale.

The boards come in interlocking panels which are installed over your existing façade, so there’s no need for intrusive demolition work. Better yet, the panels can be fitted horizontally and vertically for a variation on the traditional design.  You’ll never have to paint your new façade and the light colours are designed to reflect heat and hold the UV stability throughout its life.

The energy savings you’ll enjoy over time by controlling the infiltration of weather elements and egress of water vapour will enhance the appeal of using this material.

You can DIY but consider using the experts on this one as uPVC will behave differently to timber and the installation is unique – The goldilocks effect – you can’t screw it too tight or too loose.

You need to allow for it to expand and contract with the weather, so you need to space any joiners to cover for this movement.  Cutting uPVC requires some specific tooling to get the mitres perfect and clipping it in.  Done well, this product looks amazing and aesthetically very appealing.

Do your research and use a reputable company with a long history in this field and you’ll be right.   If, however you choose to DIY – make sure you follow the installation guides as you’ll only be warranty covered if it’s been installed in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines.

You can always watch tutorials on youtube – the USA and Canada have been using this façade material for decades and there are sure to be tutorials to watch.

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