Therapeutic Sleep Systems, the future of bedding

The humble mattress has come a long way over the years, with the latest models helping Australians live a better, more active and pain-free lifestyle. The ever-increasing pressure we put on ourselves as a nation has caused a large increase of stress-related problems and Therapeutic Sleep Systems (TSS) have some amazing features that can take the stress and pain out of our everyday lives. The affordability of such products has dramatically reduced over the last 10 years and now, more than ever, it is within everyone reach to be one step ahead for your health.

Two key features and benefits are:

A system that incorporates Adjustable Sleeping – by raising your head and feet while you are asleep allows your body to be in a Zero Gravity position. Your spine can then be completely aligned, evenly distributing pressure over your entire body to assist in the relief of back pain, hip and knee pressure and many circulatory problems.

Whole Body Vibration Massage Therapy, on the other hand, encourages great circulation and stimulates your lymphatic system. It can assist with rehabilitation by encouraging the release of Human Growth Hormone a key to regeneration and repair and NATURALLY suppress pain.