Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Family Portrait

Family portraits don’t need to be boring or stressful; communication is the key to success. When working with a professional photographer, consider these 10 simple tips that will guarantee a hassle free and enjoyable experience!

  1. Organise a portrait design session. Consult with your photographer to plan out what your goals are with the session and the best ways to achieve them.
  2. Understand pricing and packages. Ask for a physical price list of available services and packages and agree on a price before you get photographed.
  3. Ask what products are available. If you are shooting at home, will their set up fit in your space? What props or backdrops do they offer?
  4. Discuss a colour palette, including the theme and clothing suggestions. Your photographer will be able to give advice as to what colours will compliment your family and the location.
  5. It’s not about what the photographer wants, it’s about what you want. Take on suggestions and ideas from your photographer, but also ensure they have your best interest and vision in mind.
  6. Location, location, location! Where do you want the session to take place? What is a true reflection of you, your family and the mood you’re looking for? This could be your home, an outdoor location, a holiday house, or a photography studio. The options are endless!
  7. Consider using seasons as a theme. Would you prefer a tropical summer holiday vibe of your portraits, or a cosy night in winter? Especially consider the current season and climate for an outdoor shoot.
  8. Meet your photographer before the shoot, rather than solely communicating online. This will ensure there’s a genuine connection between you, which will allow for a more personal photography session.
  9. Consider what time of the day you’ll have this shoot and what that means. Will it affect the lighting if outdoors? Do you have young children with certain sleep patterns? Timing is everything!
  10. Arrange a time with your photographer after the shoot to go through the portraits together to select the best to keep.

At the end of the day, shooting a family portrait should be a truly memorable experience. You are creating a magnificent piece of art that will be treasured for generations to come.

The idea behind this article was supplied by Megagraphics Photography. Megagraphics Photography will be exhibiting at the Melbourne HIA Home Show from Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 April.