Top tips to manage your home renovation

1. Set a budget:  This is a crucial step and requires you to do your research and determine what type of renovations you want to carry out. Remember that big structural changes will cost you more.

2. Speak to your lender: After you’ve set your budget, seek advice from your lender to ensure the budget is appropriate for you and to get their advice on how best to finance.

3. Select an architect: A good design is crucial, so while not essential for all renovations, you may want to consider hiring an architect. You’ll need to research a range of different architects and select the one that best suits your taste and budget. You then need to work together to create both a functional brief and an aesthetic brief.

4. Select a builder: A great builder makes all the difference. Do your research and speak to people for recommendations. After you’ve selected, check they are licensed with the relevant building authorities and ask for a list of recent projects that you can view. You need to work in partnership with both your builder and your architect to get the best out of your renovations.

5. Start designing:  Once you have the first four steps completed you can start designing in partnership with your architect and builder. Think about what style you are after, what features you like and whether you want a theme through the house. Have fun here, it’s an exciting time.