Unique Lighting For Your Home

Light Up Your Space Like Never Before with unique lighting designs!


Sketch & Etch LED Neon signs have you covered when it comes to unique lighting.

Discover unique lighting options and unbeatable combination of affordability, superior craftsmanship, and lightning-fast turnaround times that only an Australian-made manufacturer can offer.
Based in Geelong, each Sketch & Etch Neon sign is meticulously handcrafted by their team of artisans. By making the right decision to update your space and choose Sketch & Etch, you’re not only getting the best quality but also supporting local talent. Sketch & Etch are passionate about unleashing creativity and delivering show stopping, which is why they have a dedicated in-house design team ready to collaborate closely with you to perfect your vision and create your most unique lighting choice.

Did You Know There Are Benefits To Neon Signs?

Here are just some:


1. Unique lighting options that have a long life

An average bulb’s life is about one year and a properly made neon sign/light lasts for years making then a great choice. Tripping in electricity can damage neon lights however.

2. Fun and colourful

They can easily be formed into different colours making them a great design choice as they can be incorporated into any space you like.

3. Design freedom

Neon signs are unique lighting options as they have the potential for customisation. This is a great medium to use for logos, personalisation and so much more, making it a great choice for business owners looking for a creative way to make their brand more visible.

4. Visibility

Neon signs make it easier for businesses who operate at nighttime to be more visible and eye catching to potential customers.

5. Cost effective and energy efficient

Neon tubes consume very little energy and neon is the fifth most abundant chemical element. Given its mass abundance, this makes neon signage so affordable. Neon electrodes operate cool to the touch, which means they don’t waste much electricity at all and outlast lightbulbs.


Don’t wait any longer to transform your space. Contact Sketch & Etch today and let their expert Client Managers guide you through all the possibilities!

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