Ways to Turbo-Charge Your Energy Savings and Add Value to Your Home

 There’s a movement forming in Australia, where homeowners are turning to more sustainable forms of living – and now is the time to make the change. Whether you’re looking to embrace a more environmentally conscious lifestyle for your own home, or in the market to purchase, there are many ways to make an eco-positive difference.

Energy is one of the essentials in modern life; it brings us light, helps us eat and powers literally everything we use in a normal day. We need electricity to power our homes, businesses, devices, and for the lucky ones among us, charge our cars.

Australians are acutely aware of human impact on the environment, with 83% of us concerned about climate change.[1] More Aussies are now looking to transform the way they live to be part of the climate change solution.

While we unconsciously consume energy as part of everyday life, there are more environmentally sensitive ways to generate and use energy – and it all starts at home.

Australian energy retailer, Nectr is focused on helping Aussies find affordable, greener and cleaner ways to use energy. They’ve provided advice about ways in which every Aussie homeowner can join the energy revolution to reduce energy costs and take positive action on climate change.

Consider installing solar panels

The sun is an almighty natural energy resource that, thanks to solar panels, can be captured and used to power our fridges, washing machines, air conditioners and more. Australia is a global leader in rooftop solar take-up, with more than 30% of households across the nation installing solar PV[2] to meet household energy needs.

If you’re unsure about the system size that will suit your household energy consumption, new interactive solar technology is available to map it all out for you. The Interactive Solar Calculator (available at the Nectr stand at the 2022 Melbourne Home Show) allows you to input your home address, view the layout of the solar panels on your roof and review the potential energy savings – all before purchase. For added savings, eligible households can sell the excess electricity their solar panels produce, back to the grid.


It’s more affordable to achieve energy independence sooner

Choosing renewable forms of energy generation is the way forward for homeowners wanting energy independence. If you’re just starting out, it’s a great time to investigate Solar + Battery* options that offer no upfront costs or incur interest fees. Nectr’s latest Solar + Battery energy bundles include competitive electricity rates, shorter contract periods, premium and performance-based hardware, and simple monthly payment plans. There’s also a range of national and state-specific government rebates to help Australians take up solar and battery offers.

There is no doubt that installing solar panels and/or a Solar + Battery bundle will add value to your home. In fact, research has found that when selling a property, energy efficient homes generate greater buyer interest, sell quicker and attract premium price.[3] Whether it is through short-term savings on electricity bills or being more attractive for sale, it’s certain that Australians are realising that sustainable living saves money and the planet.


For more information about Nectr visit www.nectr.com.au.


*At the Nectr stand this year, eligible Melbourne Home Show visitors also have the chance to secure a discount of up to $1,200 off the cost of their new energy system if they request a quote during the show (26-28 August 2022) and then proceed to installation.

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