What to consider when beginning your renovation or new build

When beginning your renovation or new build it is important to consider the painting works to be completed.  It is easy to get caught up in the design phase of your project and many people don’t realise that paint serves a protective, functional role in your home.

Exterior projects require consideration as to the expected lifespan of the coating in your environment, as well as the surface they are going onto.  Is it new?  Or is there an existing painted surface that will need to be assessed, cleaned and primed?  These details can significantly alter the cost of your project.  Homes near the coast require extra protection from the elements to prevent coating failures and corrosion.

Interior projects have similar requirements around surface condition but also need to withstand regular cleaning.  Having a quality paint that cleans easily and is more stain and wear resistant is worth spending extra money on.

If you are choosing to engage a trade painter, it is important that you research their qualifications, insurances and speak to references.  Ensure that your expectations around surface preparation and workmanship are clearly defined in writing as part of your contract.  Ensure that your painter provides you with copies of receipts for the purchase of the paint so that do not substitute for a cheaper brand onsite.  Also ensure that your contract states that all excess paint be left onsite for you to use.

The most important criteria to set in your contract is that full payment is only received when as defect or quality issues are resolved to your satisfaction.

Engaging a Coatings Consultant at the start of your project can assist you in designing a specification that states clearly what the requirements / expectations are for the project.  This provides you with peace of mind that the right paint has been selected that will give you the finish that you desire.  A Coatings Consultant can also provide you with independent failure analysis and reports that can be used in dispute resolution.