Street of Houses

LIVE, a little.


Take a stroll down the Street of Houses at the Melbourne Home Show, featuring some of Australia's best alternative and small homes.

Influenced by the Tiny House Movement taking Australia and the World by storm, the Street of Houses will showcase some of the latest custom mini-homes on the market. Whether you're on the hunt for a cost-effective new home, looking to reduce your carbon footprint, tight on space or simply on the search for a simpler life, a stroll down the street is sure to inspire.

Meet the Residents:


No. 1 'Live a Little' Street

The Safari Tent, made with a sturdy wooden pole construction, is raised on a deck with a gorgeous veranda. The roof projects 2.5 meters over the veranda, so you have a beautiful place to hang out, relax and enjoy the natural surrounds. Offering a pole free space, the internal possibilities are endless. From Kitchen, comfort bedding, luxury bathrooms and air-con – it can be a truly customised experience.

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No. 2 'Live a Little' Street

Proudly made in Australia, Nestd™ tiny homes offer a more sustainable way of living. A creative collaboration with leading architects and designers deliver innovative design options. Nestd™ also delivers on social purpose with 100% of the profits supporting young people at risk of homelessness.

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No. 4 'Live a Little' Street

Thinking out of the box certainly applies for the new and unique
Extendable Glamtainer. The design consists of a new 20-foot highcube shipping container, which is modified into a high luxury hotel room complete with bathroom and kitchenette. The Glamtainers are made and designed in Australia by GlamXperience®.

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Tiny Footprint

No. 8 'Live a Little' Street

Tiny Footprint create structures that are kinder to the environment and enable people to live with a smaller footprint. They work with people who are interested in all things ‘tiny’. Providing quality homes you can happily live in long term, or short term stay experiences to supplement your income.

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Off Grid Tiny Houses

No. 16 'Live a Little' Street

Off Grid Tiny Houses build unique Tiny Houses on Wheels. With a design focus on energy efficiency and standalone solar our homes work for the occupier, not the reverse! Come and walk through a fully functional and towable off grid home. We'd love to know where you might park it!

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Coolabah Turf & Best On Ground Landscaping

'Live a Little' Streetscape

Bringing green to 'Live a Little Street'. Because an instant lawn from Coolabah Turf is like Botox for your backyard!
And what's a lawn without a landscape garden from Best on Ground Landscaping?!

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